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Why Do Dogs Destroy Toys?

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Why Do Dogs Destroy Toys?

Why do dogs break toys? You can assist him stop doing what dogs do naturally.

Dogs and puppies always chew. Young dogs chew to ease teething discomfort. Older dogs do it for dental hygiene and jaw strength. Chewing helps dogs deal with minor anxiety and irritation.

However, “destructive chewing” in pups and adult dogs typically has another cause.

Why Dogs Destroy Toys

Most dogs enjoy toys! They don’t normally destroy them. Exploring destructive chewing’s causes is important since it’s dangerous.

  • Do you regularly find “toy disasters” at home? Dogs who only destroy toys when left alone may have separation anxiety.
  • If your pet is on a calorie-restricted diet, he may chew and destroy his toys to get extra nutrients.
  • Dogs without exercise often damage their toys to enjoy themselves.

Pet parents really promote toy destruction! How? Many owners unwittingly extend their new puppy’s toy aggression because they think it cute.

Stopping Your Dog from Destroying Toys

Your pet’s health depends on stopping stuffed toy destruction. If your dog consumes the stuffing or squeak, he may choke. They may also create a surgical bowel blockage.

Experts suggest these ways to curb your dog’s destructive chewing.

  • Puppy teething may last six months. Instead of plush toys he can tear apart, give your pet chewable items you can freeze to alleviate teething discomfort.
  • Swap plush toys with puzzle toys with nutritious goodies if your senior dog destroys them. The toy might include part of your pet’s daily food.
  • When you find your dog chewing on a toy, gently remove it and offer him something to chew. Give him the new thing and praise him. Avoid giving him “people items” like pillows and old shoes. It’ll confuse him about chewing.

Until your pet’s destructive chewing is limited to acceptable things, you may wish to “dog-proof” your home by putting costly items away. Help your dog succeed!

Reduce Playtime Damage

Dogs must be taught what’s safe to chew in a kind, compassionate way. Can you stop your pet from trashing his toys? Spanking, scolding, or punishing a dog afterward is ineffective since he can’t relate the penalty to his behavior. Dogs should not be muzzled or crated for destructive chewing.

Remember that older dogs spend less time playing with toys and more time guarding them like family heirlooms. If you pick puppy toys intelligently, correct and deflect destructive chewing, and provide mental and physical activity, your pet will likely stop destroying toys.

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