Zodiac sign's biggest pros and cons.

Aries: Pros - adventurous, passionate, confident; Cons - impulsive, selfish, short-tempered

Taurus: Pros - loyal, dependable, sensual; Cons - stubborn, possessive, materialistic

Gemini: Pros - witty, curious, adaptable; Cons - indecisive, superficial, unreliable

Cancer: Pros - nurturing, empathetic, loyal; Cons - moody, clingy, oversensitive

Leo: Pros - confident, generous, passionate; Cons - arrogant, attention-seeking, stubborn

Virgo: Pros - intelligent, practical, loyal; Cons - critical, perfectionistic, uptight


Libra: Pros - charming, diplomatic, romantic; Cons - indecisive, superficial, people-pleasing

Scorpio: Pros - intense, passionate, loyal; Cons - jealous, possessive, secretive

Sagittarius: Pros - adventurous, optimistic, independent; Cons - commitment-phobic, tactless, irresponsible

Capricorn: Pros - responsible, ambitious, loyal; Cons - workaholic, pessimistic, emotionally distant

Aquarius: Pros - independent, intellectual, humanitarian; Cons - detached, unpredictable, emotionally distant

Pisces: Pros - compassionate, imaginative, intuitive; Cons - escapist, overly trusting, self-pitying

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