These dog breeds fit your sign.

Aries: German Shepherd - loyal, protective, and energetic

Taurus: Bulldog - calm, affectionate, and stubborn

Gemini: Poodle - intelligent, playful, and adaptable

Cancer: Cocker Spaniel - sensitive, loyal, and affectionate


Leo: Golden Retriever - friendly, loyal, and confident

Virgo: Shih Tzu - loyal, affectionate, and adaptable

Libra: Labrador Retriever - friendly, social, and easy-going

Scorpio: Rottweiler - loyal, protective, and powerful

Sagittarius: Siberian Husky - adventurous, independent, and energetic

Capricorn: Great Dane - loyal, calm, and dignified

Aquarius: Dalmatian - independent, energetic, and playful

Pisces: Beagle - gentle, affectionate, and curious

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