Relationship-Damaging Gaslighting Phrases

Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse that can be difficult to recognize.

Gaslighting involves manipulating someone into doubting their own reality.

Gaslighting can happen in any type of relationship.

One common gaslighting phrase is 'You're overreacting.'


Another gaslighting phrase is 'You're being too sensitive.'

Gaslighters may also say 'You're crazy' or 'You're imagining things.'

Gaslighters may deny things they said or did, saying 'I never said that' or 'You're remembering it wrong.'

Gaslighters may also use 'You're just trying to start a fight' to dismiss valid concerns.

Gaslighters may try to make their partner feel guilty by saying 'You're always making me out to be the bad guy.'

Gaslighters may also use 'You're just being paranoid' to make their partner doubt their own instincts.

Gaslighters may try to isolate their partner by saying 'Your friends and family are just trying to turn you against me.'

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