Are there any ugly dog breeds? TOP 10

Chihuahuas are notoriously quirky and annoying canines. With that less-than-stellar reputation comes a gaze that melts hearts and sends shivers down spines. 

We wouldn't want a dog lover to adopt a puli because of its unkempt, stringy hair. They're cute and messy, but there's a limit.

The Irish wolfhound's shaggy coat makes it seem unclean and unkempt, making it an unattractive dog. Irish wolfhounds are adorable and deserve plenty of cuddles.

Bulldogs always seem wet. Drooling is high due to lengthy tongues and floppy jaws. These medium-sized monsters also look misproportioned. 

Despite its appearance, the bull terrier is popular. These hairless, blotchy dogs resemble rats.

The Neapolitan mastiff may appeal to floppers. Just remember that this floppiness will make your sofa a mess. Neapolitan mastiffs have ugly mouth flaps.


Borzois, commonly known as Russian wolfhounds, are the oddest and most aristocratic dogs.

They're genetically engineered like little bulldogs and have trouble breathing. Pugs, a mix of a bulldog and a rat, are the ugliest canines.

The Bedlington terrier has several negative traits. Show dogs are fawned over, but there are so few nice things to say about them that it's hard not to be nasty.

The Chinese crested dog tops every ugly dog list. Even if it seems harsh, we'll maintain that pattern since these critters are among of the oddest.

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